Welcome to Arduvaz Engineering

We deliver RF - Microwave Design and Manufacturing, EW systems, Direction Finding Systems, Embedded Systems, Test Systems for Aerospace/Defence applications in a cost-effective way, using the latest COTS products.

  • Design

    We can help you design electronics, mechanics and software solutions to address your needs in aerospace and defense applications.

  • collobrative work

    We can help you realize your ideas with our expertise in RF and electronics fields. Please contact us for more detailed help.

  • strategy

    We focus on applications in RF especially in EW Systems and also Industry 4.0 units.

  • sales solution

    We can help you choosing right components for your applications by leveraging cost effective COTS devices.

About Arduvaz Engineering LTD

Arduvaz Engineering is a Tubitak funded startup company. The areas of expertise in EW systems including Electronic Support Measures(ESM) and Electronic Counter Measures(ECM) .

We also deliver SDR based Test and Measurement Systems, RF and Mixed-Signal Automated Test Systems, Embedded System Development Services.


Rapid Response - Agile Development


Meet our partners

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    National Instruments

    Test and Measurement Company
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    Ettus Research

    SDR Platforms
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    Bogazici Savunma

    Defense Company

Services We Offer

We provide products and services for areas below.

  • RF System Design

    We offer design services for RF applications from HF frequencies to MW frequencies beginning of conceptual design up to manufacturing.

  • Test Systems

    We design and manufacture test systems for aerospace and defense applications including any electro-mechanical fixtures and subsystems.

  • Software Development

    We have expert engineers developing software in different software development environments for RF, UI and embedded devices.

  • Embedded Systems Development

    We are leveraging COTS FPGA and Real-Time enabled devices to develop high end embedded devices with required IO options, also developing mechanics for environmental needs.

  • SDR Based Solutions

    We are using ADI, USRP devices to address applications which needs mobility.

  • Signal Detection-Classification

    We are developing algorithms for ESM and ECM applications.

  • Direction Finding Systems

    We implement total solutions for mobile or stationary DF applications.

  • Training and Support

    We share our experience in RF Design, Labview development targeting your applications.

Active & Completed Projects

We design and create the most optimized solutions for exact needs of any application. Beside RF and Software skills we are also developing mechanical parts to deliver a turn-key system.

  • All
  • RF Systems
  • Signal Simulation Systems
  • Mission Planner Software
  • Embedded Systems

Drone Detection System

RF Systems

Drone Neutralization System

RF Systems

MPS 101

Mission Planner Software

GNSS Simulator

Signal Simulation Systems

RTU Controller

Embedded Systems

Contact Us


ODTU Teknokent Kulucka Merkezi No:13 06800 ODTU-Cankaya/ANKARA-TURKEY


Info: info@arduvaz.com.tr

Sales: sales@arduvaz.com.tr

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